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August 26, 2007


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new home in san diego


I am closing on a new home in 3 weeks. I am a first time home buyer and do qualify for this tax credit. I have not filed my 2008 federal tax return yet. I am waiting till I close on the house this month. I need to know if I claim the house on my 2008 taxes but bought the house in 2009 will I have to repay the tax credit?? If possible can you get me an answer quickly? thank you very much.

verhuur immo

It is good to know that homebuyers now have alternatives with Colorado Housing Finance Authority.Currently there are many alternatives however I hope the one explained in this report is the best.

Thornton Colorado real estate

This is informative post.We can't blame people if they find some way because its their right to do something with the matter.I wish they can find more effective ways.



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King Vanlines Moving and Relocation

Well, people are going to find alternative ways to go around the system. State cannot simply rule what poeple should do and what they should not

Kristal Kraft

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John Rey

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